Safety Tips before You Use a Pressure Washer

With summer around the corner, homeowners are trying to decide which projects they want to tackle this year. Cleaning the exterior of their home is at the top of many lists. According to the CDC, in 2017, there were 8,613 injuries associated with the use of pressure-washing devices. Of these injuries, 3 were fatalities. It is essential to be aware of the Max Flow and its potential danger and implement proper safety measures before using a pressure washer.

Implementing these safety tips and using the proper safety gear can save you, your family, and your friends from a potentially dangerous situation.

Wear a proper safety gear

Put on a couple of rubber boots and sturdy work gloves that are not made out of fabrics that are prone to snagging or tearing because those can easily lead to rips and holes, which can allow the high-pressure water spray to injure you. Don’t forget to put on safety glasses just in case they get damaged during cleaning – a drop could still hurt your eye. Also, put on earmuffs to avoid ringing ears from the noise pollution that comes with using high-pressure water sprays.

Never Point the Nozzle towards Anyone

Always keep the wand pointed downwards at all times! When using a pressure washer, remember that there can be severe consequences for not following standard guidelines. Our 0-degree red nozzle can etch concrete, and if you’re not careful with its power, you can easily inflict damage to yourself or others nearby. Even if there are no visible marks on the skin surface, intense pressure from a power washer can penetrate deep into exposed internal flesh, which could cause immediate and severe bodily injury.

Use Extensions for Nozzles to Avoid Heights

The power of a pressure washer is underestimated and could quickly get out of control when not handled properly. Kickback from the wand or hose can send you flying, leading to severe injuries and even death if you are close to any high-height obstacles like stairs or railings. Taller people naturally gravitate towards higher positions, but this inclination can turn disastrous with power equipment.

Clear the Area before Beginning

Removing dirt and debris from various surfaces can be a messy job. It’s essential to take safety precautions when working with washing tools. Here at Sir Grout, we recommend using an extension wand for power-washing high surfaces such as outdoor decks or the exterior of your home. Before you begin, be sure to check the ground for any objects that might get in your way while you are cleaning, such as kids or pets, on certain parts of the flooring which would need to be moved out of your way to safely power-wash it.

Be careful with the electrical outlets

Ensure you don’t spray the electrical outlets as it can be hazardous. Wetting an electrical outlet while pressure washing exposes you to an electric shock because of the excellent conductivity of water.


To avoid damage to your property or an accident, you must read the instruction manual carefully before using a pressure washer. It will give specific safety tips and instructions on using this powerful tool. Also, make sure you wear enough protective gear such as gloves, eye protection, and earplugs when operating a pressure washer.