How to Restore Ginger Wigs

A ginger wig has its way of becoming your favorite wig in no time – it works like magic. All of a sudden, you may begin to see yourself wearing the wig every day, and to every occasion you want to go. The beauty of the wig is one part, the color is another, but the versatility of a ginger wig is one big reason you can quickly love the wig. When you wear any wig too frequently, the wig begins to lose its value and some of the qualities you have always loved. This becomes annoying because you want to wear your wig.

Sometimes, the wig may get so bad that you want to dispose of the wig. But if you throw the wig away, it means you have given up on the wig very quickly. No matter how bad your wig looks, there are still some ways you can try to revive the wig and start wearing it away. By revive, we don’t mean simply dying the wigs to change the color. Cleaning the wig with ammonia, bleach, and regular soap may have you wearing your wigs again in no time. This process will work perfectly if it’s a human hair wig. Let’s go over the process of restoring your ginger wig;

Cleaning with bleach

For this process, you’ll need three bowls and chlorox bleach. The bowls you’ll use shouldn’t be bowls that you have been using for cooking or the bowls that you plan to use for cooking. After getting the bowls, pour 57 grams of bleach into one bowl and keep your wig into it. You have to be careful enough to use safety gloves while working with bleach, as it can cause irritations on your skin. Carefully comb the wig while inside this bleach water – the combing process should be easy. The bleach should remove oil and dirt from the bleach.

Cleaning with shampoo

With the same process used to clean with bleach, you have to use shampoo. This time, you’ll be using the second bowl. Pour the same amount of clarifying shampoo into the second bowl and submerge your wig in the soapy mix. Try to move your wig around the water for the next five minutes so that the shampoo can remove all dirt.

Cleaning with ammonia

The ammonia is there in this process for one purpose – to remove the remaining bleach from the wig. Pour the same 57 grams of ammonia into the third bowl and put your wig in the bowl. Use a brush to comb and remove other dirt away from the wig.

Rinse the wig

Once you’re done with the following process, the remaining step is to clean the wig thoroughly. You can do that by rinsing the wing under a tap running with water. Ensure that while washing, the wig doesn’t get tangled.

Treat with conditioner

To have your wig shining again, apply the conditioner to the wig when it is still wet. After that, you can heat the wet conditioned wig in a microwave briefly before combing and allowing it to dry.


If you’ve followed the process above, then there’s a high chance that you have restored your wig to its previous shine. It may not be as new as a newly bought wig, but it is wearable.