How to Make Red Bottoms For Men Last Longer

Wearing red bottoms for men goes beyond a social media trend; it depicts real class. Red bottoms may be your best kind of shoes, but they are definitely not the shoes you wear for any occasion. With red bottoms, you want to send a silent message that you wear classic footwear and, of course, that you have great taste. Across the internet, many people argue that every man should have at least one red bottoms for special occasions, and we do not exactly disagree. These shoes are a must-have!

While red bottoms are a must-have, they do not usually come at a cheap price. Mostly, you have to pay a fortune for this footwear. As a result, you want your red bottoms to last as long as possible after making such an investment. Red bottoms may be particular shoe breeds, but like every other shoe, they age with time. However, there are some tips you can always employ to keep these shoes lasting longer over time; some of th tips are;

Store your shoes properly

The most tricky part of red bottoms is their storage. If you want your red bottom shoes to last long, you need to store them properly. Proper storage for your red bottoms depends on how frequently you wear the shoe. If you wear your red bottoms regularly (which we do not subscribe to), you can always store them in a shoe rack properly. However, if your red bottoms only get worn on special occasions, you may need to keep them in their box.

Clean red bottoms

Before you think of properly Storing your red bottoms, you should first clean your shoes. A common mistake we all make is to think we wear footwear outside your home and believe it is not dirty – that’s impossible. Even when you can not notice any dirt on your red bottoms, ensure you clean them after wearing them. By cleaning it, we do not mean using soap and water on your shoes, that will only spoil the shoes.

Air-dry red bottoms after wearing

Whether you wear your red bottoms frequently or not, ensure it is dry before you store them. If you do not know already, we sweat on our legs, especially when they are in shoes. So when you wear your shoes, there is bound to be some moisture on the shoes. To dry your shoes, ensure you fight out the temptation to use a drying machine – air dry instead.

Add rubber protection to the soles

If you are wearing your red bottoms, the sole of your shoe is almost as important as the shoe, if not more. You need to ensure that the soles of these shoes stay red. What you can do is to protect the sole with a transparent rubber material below the soles. That way, every wear and tear goes on this rubber material, and at the end of the day, your red bottoms remain preserved.


Red bottoms are the perfect shoe combos for both men and women. If you are having difficulty maintaining your red bottoms, you may need the information above.