How to Dye Your Wig Color to Burgundy With Acrylic paint

The sharpness and uniqueness of any burgundy wig you see are too attractive. There is no way you will see a burgundy wig that you would not crave to have. Burgundy wigs are not only beautiful, but they make a statement. And in a world where hair colors are the order of the day, you will want to change your hair color.

If you change your hair color to burgundy once, you will most likely want the hair to remain in that color. That means you will need to continue dyeing the hair from time to time when it loses color. This process is stressful and time-consuming, and in the end, you will get tired. A better option will be to use a durable dye to save time and money. But even with the best dye ever, the color can not last forever.

A long-lasting process will be to use acrylic paint and alcohol to paint the color in that color. First off, you should not dye a wig with a darker color to a lighter shade. In most cases, it does not end up well. Also, the mixture of acrylic paint and alcohol lasts longer than the regular dye. Before you try it, ensure it is a wig that does not cost much you use for your first trial. Here’s the process;

Get all materials

The first step to successfully dying your wig with acrylic paint is to get all the materials. The materials needed include a foam head, the light wig, a spray bottle, gloves, and other materials. Also, you’ll need a lot of space to work. Ensure that the space you are working in has enough ventilation. Spread a tarp or clothing around, and across the working area so you don’t stain the place with paint. For the safety of your hands, use a latex glove that won’t disturb the working.

Mix acrylic paint into the spray bottle

With a teaspoon, put your paint into a spray bottle. The quantity of paint you’ll need depends on the length and fullness of the hair you want to dye. If you are dying a long wig, you may need to use about 2.5ml of the paint. But usually, 1.25ml may be enough for a start.

Add alcohol

The alcohol you will need, in this case, isn’t regular alcohol. You will add alcohol according to the amount of acrylic paint you added. Because of the thickness and effectiveness of the acrylic paint, it’s usually better to add about 60% more alcohol than the acrylic paint. However, you should know that the more alcohol is in the bottle, the less the burgundy color will remain.

Spray wig in different sections

After you have your mix, the next thing is to divide your wig into different sections. The number of sections you can have depends on the length and size of the wig. If you have a large wig, you may have six sections. According to the division, spray each part of the wig. Ensure you have finished with one section before getting to the other section.


Remember that dying with acrylic paint may get messy, so you need to protect the workspace and your hands. Also, air dry your wig for some hours before you rinse it.