Factors To Consider When Choosing Bundles For Your Hair

In a world of social media, divisiveness, and chaos, life is short but very precious. Sometimes people may differ when it comes to their priorities in life but you must never lose track of these five critical things in life: our family and friends since our relationships are our foundations, always protect your peace, time(it is a very precious but limited resource), love(it is the real mark of greatness) and lastly, you must never lose your purpose in life as it is your driving force.

You might also want to be keen on your hair as well as it tells a lot about your personality. And for this matter, as a woman, you need to get yourself a couple of bundles. Ok, bundles is quite a relative term, but the implication here is bundles with closure. Yes! You got it right, for your hair. In case you are wondering why this is so, then here is what you need to know.

What Is a Closure?

Disclaimer:The closures in context are closures for hair in case you feel lost a bit.

So what are they anyway? Closures are special hair units where individual hair strands (mostly from one person) are attached to a piece of material either made of silk or lace. The aim is to improve its look as it protects your natural hair.

How Many Bundles Do You Need for Your Hair?

The best way to answer this would be, ‘‘depends on how full you want the wig to be.’’ The most important point here is what is your desired look?

Closures usually come in 4×4 inches, you will need to use a minimum of two or three bundles with your closure. If you have three bundles from 8-18 inches, your wig is able to achieve that flowy, full, and glam look.

However, there are a few factors that you need to put into consideration when getting your bundles. These are:

Size of your head:adjust the number of bundles you purchase in order to accommodate the size of your head, whether small or big.

Length: generally, the longer the length of your bundles, the more hair you are going to need, therefore, if you are going for a fuller and flowy look, then you need more bundles.

Why Do You Need Bundles with Closure?

Natural Look

Getting bundles with lace closures always guarantee you a ‘natural’- looking scalp that keeps people guessing. They are perfect at giving a seamless install and you do not have to worry about blending since there is no need to do so with lace closure.

When properly installed, lace closures can make your virgin wig look as though it is literally growing from your scalp.

Protects Your Hair.

A lace mesh usually covers your natural hair or scalp before installation meaning that bundles with lace closure provide protection for your hair.

This also implies that the styling chemicals that are used do not get to damage your natural hair and your hair has no chance of getting thin or brittle.

Pro tip: If you recently did the ‘big chop’ on your hair and want it to grow back to being long faster, get yourself bundles with lace closure.

Styling Versatility

Bundles with closure give you the ability to create a part(could be a middle part or side part) in your hair depending on your preference for styling purposes.

The bundles are available in a variety of colors meaning you can get just what you are looking for to blend with your hair color or even get one that makes a good contrast that makes you stand out.

You also have the ability to blend the closure in perfectly with your natural hair to get a richer, fuller and shiny look you are going for.

Looking glamorous is a priority as well. For that reason, Lolly Hair ensures that you always fulfil this aspect ultimately. Whether you are going for body wave bundles or colored bundles. Or is it Hd lace closure or Ombre with closure? you name it! They have you sorted.