A Guide On How To Clean Your Car Using A Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are perfect for truck cleaning. Whichever type, electric or gas, they perform the job quicker than cleaning with soap and a bucket of water. You use less water and energy, and the car is thoroughly cleaned, especially in the undercarriage and wheels. Car cleaning should be carefully done to leave the paint intact. For this reason, electric pressure washers are the best since gas is very expensive. Below is a guide on cleaning your car using a pressure washer.

Car cleaning guide using a pressure washer

Before the actual cleaning commences, get the right equipment. As earlier mentioned, electric washers are better than gas in this case, but it is entirely up to you. Set it up such that the cord reaches the car for easier cleaning. Ensure there’s a distance between the car and any other object to prevent water pressure damage. Also, wear protective gear especially closed shoes, then proceed to wash.

1. Use the pressure washer to rinse the car

Rinsing helps to remove any loose dirt, paving the way for the removal of stuck and stubborn dirt. Use the 25-degree green nozzle or 40-degree white nozzle for this task. Any other nozzle degree is not safe for use due to the high pressure and force, which may ruin the car paint. Test spray on the floor to ensure the pressure is correct. Stand a foot away from the car, especially when spraying the windows, mirrors, and lights, but you can get closer when wetting the wheels.

2. Apply a detergent to the car

This process is mainly done by hand; however, you can get a pressure washer with a detergent container and pour it inside. In this case, follow the given guidelines to fill the container. One full, attach the 65-degree black nozzle commonly known as the soap nozzle. This is because of its wide coverage and low pressure, allowing the soap to flow out. Spray the detergent from the bottom to avoid streaks and stay at least 2 feet away from the car. You can gradually move closer depending on the area you are cleaning, for example, the wheels. Use a brush where necessary to remove stuck mud or dust. Leave the soap to sit for approximately 5 minutes but keep spraying for the soap not to stick on the paint.

3. Rinse the soap using the pressure washer

Remember, pressure washer nozzles work differently. So you have to disconnect the 65-degree one and attach the most appropriate rinsing nozzle. This is the 40-degree nozzle since the water spray coverage is broad. Before rinsing the vehicle, clear out all soap from the washer system by letting water flow out for a few minutes. When all is clean, spray the car from top to bottom.

4. Leave the car to dry

Wipe the car down for a perfect finish, especially the windows and mirrors. Alternatively, you can let it air dry.

Final words

Pressure washer vehicle cleaning is fast and removes all dirt. The process is efficient and favorable for all cars. However, for tall vehicles, get a wand extension to reach the car roof and remove dirt there too. Car cleaning using a pressure washer is expensive compared to hand washing, but the result is unmatched. You can use the washer at home or take the car to a car wash for quality services.