5 reasons you find it difficult to sleep early

Having a good night’s rest can significantly improve your mood and work performance. However, when sleep is interrupted, a person can become easily irritated. Having little sleep can increase a person’s risk of having cardiovascular diseases, hypertension or high blood pressure, obesity, high blood cholesterol levels, and even diabetes.

This is one of the reasons you need to get good beddings to help you sleep better. Click here to learn more. This article will discuss some reasons why you find it difficult to sleep early.

  1. You consume too much caffeine.

Caffeine is a natural substance found in coffee that helps with mental alertness. If you take a lot of coffee during the day, you will be more alert at night. Caffeine blocks a chemical substance known as adenosine found in your body. If you tend to take coffee during the day, ensure you take it only in the mornings so it doesn’t interfere with sleep at night

  1. You sleep in the afternoon

If you sleep during the day, you might find it difficult to sleep at night. Sleep makes your body more alert after waking. So if you take long naps during the day, you might not find sleep at night. If you’re tired in the afternoon and just have to rest, you can take shorter naps instead.

  1. You eat a few hours before bedtime.

Eating heavy foods for dinner or eating some hours before you go to bed can precipitate heartburn and indigestion. This, in turn, can make you super restless. If you’re nervous at night, there are high chances that you won’t be able to get any sleep. Besides sleep, eating late can cause you to retain more belly fat and increase your risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

  1. You may have a mental disorder.

People who have mental disorders like anxiety or depression may find it harder to sleep at night. Even when they fall asleep, they might have frequently interrupted sleep. If you think you may have a mental illness, it’s good to consult a physician and therapist to help you with it.

  1. You spend long hours on your mobile devices before bed.

If you find yourself looking at screens so much before you decide to retire for the night, you’re probably going to find it difficult to sleep at night. If you’re like this, you should stay off your phone at least an hour before bed and turn off your lights as well. Lights can interfere with a good night’s sleep.

  1. You’re heartbroken

If you just ended a relationship with someone, you might not be able to get any sleep at night. This is because you’re thinking about the other person and the good times you shared. You should talk to a trusted friend about it and try to surround yourself with positive people.


It can feel really frustrating not to be able to get any sleep at night. If the above reasons resonate with why you’re not getting enough sleep, you should follow these tips. If it still persists, then you should consult a physician.